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new Snowball announcements: 80TB import & export + extra regions

Amazon AWS announced SnowBall in October 2015:

A storage appliance owned and maintained by AWS, used to import up to 50TB of data into “The Cloud”. You simply order a SnowBall from the AWS Management Console and wait a few days for the appliance to be delivered.

Initially only importing data into AWS was supported, but earlier this year AWS announced support for massive data exports; getting data out of the cloud.

Today AWS announced larger Snowballs, and they are available in more regions:

A new, larger-capacity (80 terabyte) Snowball appliance is now available.

As of today Snowball is available in four new Regions:

  •  AWS GovCloud (US)
  •  US West (Northern California)
  • Europe (Ireland)
  • Asia Pacific (Sydney)

(existing regions are US West (Oregon) and US East (N.Virginia)

Snowball will be available in the remaining AWS Regions in the coming year.

How the Snowball service works:

(obviously managed by a AWS SWF workflow, notifications are send using AWS SNS) 

For more information see the product page ( ) and the announcement blog post from Jeff Bar. Another interesting read is a blog post titled “Transfer 1 Petabyte Per Week Using Amazon-Owned Storage Appliances