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How not to: setup Amazon WorkMail & WorkDocs

Tried to setup Workman & WorkDocs after viewing this 30 minute video:

Didn’t want to use an existing Active Directory server  and went for Simple AD:

Simple AD is a Microsoft Active Directory–compatible directory from AWS Directory Service powered by Samba 4 (developed with Microsoft’s assistance).

Simple AD supports commonly Active Directory features like user accounts, group memberships, domain-joining Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) instances running Linux & Microsoft Windows, Kerberos-based single sign-on (SSO), and group policies. This makes it even easier to manage Amazon EC2 instances running Linux and Windows, and deploy Windows applications on AWS.

WorkMail is really easy to setup if you can change the DNS settings of your domain yourself. Since WorkMail isn’t available in all AWS regions – you should note the following:

A Simple AD running on AWS only works within a region. So make sure you setup WorkMail & WorkDocs in the same region – in order to use the same public URL and the same user accounts.

DNS setup for WorkMail

CloudSceptic.nl : an example of a DNS setup for WorkMail

HowTo: migrate your DNS hosting to Route 53

Today we have migrated the DNS hosting of the domain http://nimbusarchitect.us to Amazon AWS Route 53. It’s easy, let’s have a look at the process.

For several services of AWS, you have to choose a region . You don’t for Route 53, so it’s a global service.

Screen Shot 2016-01-04 at 16.49.54

AWS allows you to transfer a domain to Route 53. This is the easy way: you don’t have to recreate your records if you use this wizard.

But if you like you can keep your current registrar. We wanted to keep using Transip because they are cheaper as a registrar and it’s practical to have one place to administer all domain names.

Use the following method in case you want to keep using your current registrar:
1. create your zone at Route 53
2. create your records / or import a zone file
3. change your name servers at your registrar (in this example Transip.nl)

DNS zone before the change:

Screen Shot 2016-01-04 at 16.43.37

DNS zone after the change to Route 53:

Screen Shot 2016-01-04 at 16.43.21

Projected costs: $0.50 a month…

Introduction movie Amazon Route 53

8 minute intro movie on Route 53

Amazon Route 53 has a simple web-services interface that lets you get started in minutes. Your DNS records are organized into “hosted zones” that you configure with Route 53’s API. Route 53 provides a simple set of APIs that make it easy to create and manage DNS records for your domains. You can call these directly; all this functionality can also be accessed via the AWS Management Console.