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Hello world! (an introduction)

update: also see this post: The sheer size of AWS put in perspective

A short introduction

This website is started by Bert van der Lingen (LinkedIn profile) . Currently a pre-sales consultant, solution architect and trainer. Worked in “traditional IT” for 17 years in different roles such as support-, systems- and sales-and lead-engineer, consultant, architect, in “traditional IT”.

In October 2015 we all learned that Amazon’s Cloud (AWS) is 15x bigger then the 2nd player (Microsoft with Azure). Not only the size is staggering, but they are growing very fast. Unlike the expectations of financial analysts they are actually making a lot of profit (17%).

Screen Shot 2016-01-03 at 10.34.44

Gartner estimated recently that Amazon Web Services offers 10 times as much computing capacity as the next 14 players in the market, combined.

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This is a big thing for the IT industry, and a shock for Enterprise IT. Being a long time consultant, architect, engineer and SE in “traditional IT” I think this is very interesting if not scary.

You Will Be Assimilated

Join the force

I plan to go for the AWS “Cloud architect” certifications. So have set up this weblog to post something about these subjects once in a while. Expect short how to’s, tutorials, tips and things I have to write down to remember it. Expect opinionated articles. Expect a mess. If we don’t count  search bots as a visitor, I will probably be the only regular visitor myself.

Bert van der Lingen

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